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YPAI International

YPAI 2020 International – revealing the secrets behind attracting young professionals

The YPAI 2020 International version contains a wealth of information that is invaluable to anyone looking to attract, develop and retain the European talents of tomorrow. Based on data from more than 16,000 respondents in six countries, the comprehensive report looks at the similarities and differences the territories, identifying what is important to young professionals and the factors that influence their decisions.

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YPAI International 2020 will give you:

  • Deep insights into what young professionals in six different countries across Europe are looking for from employers

  • Tips on what to do – and more importantly, what not to do – to attract and retain them

Use the information in the report to compare and contrast with your own experience and guide you in developing your future employer brand strategy!

If you have any questions about its contents or wish to schedule a business-tailored presentation for you and your colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

YPAI 2020 x 4

This year’s results are available in four reports covering separate focus areas. Download them all and let them guide you in becoming a more attractive employer.

  1. YPAI 25 Most attractive employers: which are the top-ranked places where young professionals would like to work?
  2. YPAI Most important when choosing employer: which attributes do young professionals look for when considering an employer?
  3. YPAI How to become an attractive employer: detailed analysis of the results, lessons learned and conclusions.
  4. YPAI International - compares and contrasts the results from the six different countries covered, revealing some intriguing similarities and some surprising differences.

More about YPAI

The survey Young Professional Attraction Index (YPAI) has become an indispensable tool for companies and organizations who want to learn more about the workforce of tomorrow - young professionals, students and graduates who are at the beginning of their careers.